Currrent Teaching

  • present2017

    Energy Materials Lab.

    The second semester

  • present2017

    Fundamentals of energy organic materials

    The first semester

Teaching History

  • 20152013

    Introdunction of Engineering IT

    The second semester, Using useful tools to arrange data (Sigma Plot, 3D Max, ChemDraw, etc)

  • 20172012


    The first semester

  • 20132013

    Special Topic II for Energy Engineering

    The second semester

  • 20122012

    Physical Chemistry II

    (H.Scott Fogler: Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering) : The second semester

  • 20142012

    General Chemistry Lab I,II

    The first semester for I, second semester for II

  • 20112011

    Special Topic : Organic Materials for Secondary Batteries

    The first semester

  • 20102010

    General Chemistry I

    (McMurry and Fay) : The first semester